Stay on top of what your cooperative is doing for you and for your business.

A program developed exclusively to the cooperative with the objective of integrate it and involve it in the actions promoted by the Expocaccer, improving the relationship between cooperative and cooperative. . In this way, it is possible to offer assertive business opportunities, according to the profile of each cooperative and the demands presented by them, be in the field or in the other phases of the coffee production chain. In general mode, our goal is to be an extension of the cooperative’s business.

Purpose of the program:

  • To promote individualized and personalized attendance;

  • To make the cooperative feel part of Expocaccer;

  • To bring informations of our products, services, events, activities, business and benefits clearly and objectively to the cooperative;

  • To evidence the value that Expocaccer can add to the cooperative business;

  • To enlarge and improve the communication between cooperative and cooperatives;

  • To be closer of the cooperative to understand their needs and assist them in making decisions;

  • To improve the attendance and the internal process based on demands and notes of our cooperatives;

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Exclusive communication channel for the cooperative member:

The SAC’s objective is to strengthen the relationship with the cooperative member, offering a channel aimed at quickly resolving their demands, clarifying their doubts, listening to their suggestions and registering their criticisms, transforming all this information into points of improvement, growth and development of the cooperative.

Contact our Relationship Agent:


Phone: +55 (34) 3515-5656.

WhatsApp: +55 (34) 99984-5320.

What SAC can do for you:

  • To provide general information about the cooperative;

  • To direct demands to the responsible departments;

  • To clarify doubts and resolve non-conformities, giving due feedback for each situation posed;

  • To update registration data;

  • Ombudsman (receive and investigate suggestions, praise and/or complaints).

To cooperate is to integrate, belong and collaborate.

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