A region of attitude based on the innovation of the entrepreneurial producers that make it up. Formed by 55 cities, the Cerrado Mineiro Region counts with a production area of 210 thousand hectares. Of this area, 102 thousand hectares are certified.

The 4,500 producers in the region generate a production of 5 million bags.

Map of the Cerrado Mineiro Region

Denomination of Origin

Denomination of origin is a territory demarcated for producing a product that has unique characteristics and that can not be found anywhere else. The coffees produced in the Cerrado Mineiro Region are coffees with identity and high quality, resulting from the combination of weather, soil, relief, altitude and knowing what to do with your people.

The Federation of Coffee Farmers of the Cerrado, for being the controlling entity of the Denomination of Origin Region of the Cerrado Mineiro, certifies the quality of the coffees through the Certification of Origin and Quality which is what guarantees that the certified product comes from the demarcated territory, Region of the Cerrado Mineiro.

The coffee are evaluated according to the methodology and protocol of SCA – Special Coffee Association. After the evaluation, a Seal of Origin, a Certificate of Origin and a Quality Report are issued, constituting the Traceability System.