Expocaccer believes and values the growing strength and representation of women in the coffee business, recognizing the competence, attention and care with which they carry out activities, regardless of the stage of the production chain in which they are inserted.

In view of this reality, Expocaccer created the They in the Coffee Program, which aims to promote the entrepreneurial and innovative potential of women, dedicating themselves to bringing them closer and closer to the world of coffee growing.

The target audience of the They in Coffee Program is cooperative members, wives, daughters and granddaughters of cooperative members. The objective is to train, promote knowledge exchange and generate experiences.

Among the actions carried out by the program, the following stand out:

  • They at the Café Workshop;
  • Woman & Café – Commemoration of International Women’s Day;
  • Action on Field Day Expocaccer – Encouraging entrepreneurial and innovative leadership for women in the coffee business;
  • Technical visit to the model farm;
  • Leadership course.

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