We are specialists in extracting treasures from the soil of the Cerrado Mineiro Region.

The specialty coffees produced in the Cerrado Mineiro Region are in tune with the profile of the new consumer, which demands quality, history, ethics in production and a true experience that transport stems from coffee.

We identify and sell labels and microlots of exotic coffees, produced in unique terroirs.

Drinks with unique personality and especially particular sensory characteristics.

Our Labels & Microlots

Treasures for who search exclusivity

The rare opportunity of having in hands what the Cerrado Mineiro produce of more precious.

Precious Chocolate

Aromatic notes of chocolate and the sweet taste of caramel on the palate. Liqueur body and pronounced finish. It brings the typical flavor and aroma of the Cerrado Mineiro Region. The preciousness of chocolate and coffee in the cup.

Exclusive Floral

Intriguing nuances of flowers, such as lilies and jasmine, and the brownish flavor. Coffees that stand out for their consistent body, citrus acidity and sharp finishing. An exclusive experience.

Bright Citrus

Flavor of yellow fruit pulp referring to orange, papaya papaya and peach, with sweetness reminiscent of shaving and sugarcane broth. Brilliant acidity and smooth finish.

Select Wine

Flavor of macerated fruits in liquor. It has creamy body and malic acidity. Powerful coffee to the palate that refers to the nuances of red fruits, such as blackberry, jabuticaba and raspberry.

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