The own brand of industrialized coffees.

The Dulcerrado was born in a initiative of Expocaccer – Cooperative of coffee growers from Cerrado, by the project started in 2006, entitled “Cerrado’s Coffee: “Café do Cerrado: consuming you value what is ours”, whose objective was to bring to the knowledge of the local population the true flavor of the coffee produced in the Cerrado Mineiro Region.

In 2014 the Expocaccer started a new time in its history with the inauguration of Dulcerrado Cafeteria – Special Coffees of the producer, a cozy, modern cafeteria capable of transmitting in its environment, products and services the attitude and quality of coffee in the Cerrado Mineiro Region.

Today Dulcerrado coffee has contributed to the change in Brazilian consumers habits. Our purpose is to generate recognition and appreciation for our cooperative producers, guarantee the origin and quality of our products and become the consumption of specialty coffees accessible through the evidence and simplicity of our products.

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