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Administrative Headquarters

Av. Faria Pereira, 3945 - Distrito Industrial Patrocínio/MG - ZIP Code: 38740-514 CNPJ: 71.352.553/0001-51 IE: 481,865,109.0018

Warehouse Unit I

Av. Marciano Pires, 1293 - Distrito Industrial Patrocínio/MG - ZIP Code: 38740-500 CNPJ: 71.352.553/0002-32 IE: 481,865,109,0190

Warehouse Unit II

Rua Catuaí, 800 - Bairro Café Mineiro Patrocínio/MG - (BR 365, exit to Uberlândia) ZIP CODE: 38743-400 CNPJ: 71.352.553/0008-28 IE: 481,865,109,0760

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    Leandro Felipe de Oliveira

    Paulo Sérgio Prado

    Petronius Primo Naves Júnior