Cerrado Coffee Growers’ Cooperative prepares to serve coffee growers

Surveys made by the Company National Supply Service (Conab) indicate that the coffee harvest of the 2020 crop in the Brazil will be between 57.2 million and 62 million bags benefited from coffee.

The State of Minas Gerais, the largest producer of arabica coffee in the country, will be responsible for 30 million bags, represented by 75% of the country’s total production. The data indicated correspond to the perspective of the positive bienniality of coffee and the increase in the production area in the State.

For the Cerrado Mineiro Region, the estimate production is 6.4 million bags, according to information disclosed by the consultancy intl FCStone, in its first analysis, after a technical expedition through the main producing regions.

According to Conab, production in the Cerrado Mineiro will represent an increase of 26.6% to 32.3% compared to 2019. The average productivity in this region could reach the volume of more than 31.4 bags per hectare, with an advance of 27%. In the production areas the figures show increase of 4.2%, from 185.6 thousand hectares in 2019 to 193.4 thousand hectares in 2019. hectares by 2020.

Although the forecast is below 8 million bags planned for this year in the Cerrado Mineiro Region, the numbers expected by 2020 exceed 2019, when production was 4.59 million Bags.

Due to the delay in fruit maturation due to climatic factors that occurred last year, some producers started harvesting a little later this year. The fact has not shaken the expectation of producers, who see this crop as an opportunity to increase the quality of the grains.

The year 2020 is spectacular. The rains are coming in mild, favorable conditions. Associated with the fertilizations we make throughout the production period, the coffee trees responded very well, including showing a very large growth of branches that would be coming for the 2021 harvest.

Cooperative of Coffee Growers of the Cerrado – Expocaccer, Osmar Nunes.

Expectation Higher Profitability

Parallel preparations for the harvest and the expectations generated in light of the results coffee growers have an additional motivating factor for harvesting 2020: the high price of coffee.

Us the last two months the coffee market and commodities in general have been affected factors, including the increase in the dollar and demand for other countries and the restriction of coffee supply in the physical market in Brazil.

For the Managing Director of Expocaccer, Simão Pedro de Lima, the production expected for 2020 is very close to that of 2018, enabling the producers of cerrado Mineiro to honor their commitments to export and domestic consumption and reach competitive prices.

The price of coffee is remuneratively good. There was a significant increase in stock exchanges, favored by the rise of the dollar and global economic speculation due to the pandemic situation we are going through. This affected stock quotes by raising the price of coffee.

Simon Pedro de Lima.

“We are in a good harvest perspective, quality, with a very intense future marketing year with a great volume to receive. With this, we hope to provide the best service to the producer. We have had very positive numbers in recent months, with the performance of what we have already scheduled for the months of May, June, July and August, associated with our actions, shipments operations, everything is aligned and well placed with our cooperative members and partners. We are willing to provide the service according to the needs of our members.”

Commercial Director of Expocaccer, João Ferreira Júnior.

Service to the Producer of cerrado mineiro

Following the indications of the 2020 harvest and the long-awaited move for the period, the largest coffee cooperative in the Region Cerrado Mineiro, Expocaccer, adopted strategic measures with the aim of provide coffee growers with greater security and better care for needs of their members, as well as solutions to their business.

Among the main actions promoted are the expansion of channels and the provision of alternative service hours for the coffee grower, who also have the Cooperado Portal, exclusive online channel services that were previously performed only in person and demanded producer’s time. Through the Expocaccer website, the cooperative user can access the Portal and carry out the real-time monitoring of movements, issuing slips, reports and extract inventory, futures sales contracts, accounts payable, among other things, Services.

In addition to the Cooperative Portal, you may have access to documents such as invoices in person, through the Department of Issuance of Invoice to the Producer, or by telephone (34) 3839-9300 and by the e-mail: nfcooperado@expocaccer.com.br

Access to the Cooperative Portal can be made by the website: www.expocaccer.com.br and the producer who does not yet have the password to access the Cooperative Portal should seek the Department of Relationship with Expocaccer Cooperative on the phone: (34) 3839- 9300 or (34) 9 9984- 5320.

Another measure adopted by Expocaccer, to ensure even more agility in service, is the expansion of the reception of the coffees that will be held from Monday to Saturday, from 08:00 to 20:00, and may occur simultaneously in Warehouses Unit I (Matrix) and Unit II (BR).

Unit Exclusive Storage for Specialty Coffees

The novelty of this crop is in the Exclusive Storage for Expocaccer Specialty Coffees.

In May the cooperative will inaugurate the Warehouse Unit I (Matrix), which has been completely renovated and will be exclusively for receiving, preparing (re-benefiting) microlots and coffees Special.

“We will provide coffee growers with a differential in the preparation of coffees, with regard to the microlot market, the coffees prepared at their origin, so that they can disappoint in a specialty market, gourmet coffees, with a standard of drinks with higher score. The reform will allow conditions for the preparation of lots of coffees for the most diverse competitions and main competitions in the coffee market with high quality standards, with a differential in the final result.”

Director of Operations and Logistics at Expocaccer, Leonardo Canto.


Expocaccer also has a complete system computerized traceability of coffees. This system ensures and maintains the integrity of producer’s coffee.

With traceability, all information of the lots deposited in Expocaccer’s warehouses, which have complete and individual identification (per batch) at all stages of the process, thus enabling the certification of origin of the quality of the coffees of the co-members.

Security with Saúde in Safra

In the face of the pandemic situation caused by Covid-19 (coronavirus), Expocaccer has been adopting health protection of all those involved in the processes during the harvest. Among they are the public service with a limitation of 2 people per room, the use of mandatory number of masks for all professionals of the cooperative, in addition to the follow-up to the standards established by the Health Management and Techniques Plan Health and Safety at Work and by the health and government agencies of the Country.

The Commercial Director, João Ferreira Júnior, emphasized the continuity of the work associated with the care necessary to avoid impacts to the work developed in the field during the harvest.

“Our Agents and Technicians of the Sustainability Department are willing to whatever they need regarding the internal part of the farms. We will continue to go to the field, as far as possible, with all precautionary measures related to contact, hygiene, use of masks, gel alcohol at 70%, in order to avoid any exposure situation with respect to the covid-19 pandemic problem.”

João Ferreira Junior.

Ascom – Expocaccer