Be part of the largest coffee farmers cooperative genuinely from the Cerrado Mineiro.

We are the extension of the producer’s farm. Our purpose is to add value to the business of our cooperatives.
Check out the benefits of becoming a cooperative:

Adding value to the business of our cooperatives:

  • Price list with exclusive conditions;
  • Security storage;
  • Guarantee of identity and traceability of the lots;
  • Commercial advice;
  • Department and storage unit dedicated to special coffee;
  • Technical guidelines focusing on quality production;
  • Market analysis and guidance;
  • Exclusive negotiations on the futures market;
  • Barter via partnerships;
  • CAS – Cooperative Assistance Service;
  • Certification via groups with assistance and monitoring for compliance with environmental and labor laws;
  • Educampo Platform – Management and technological consultancy;
  • Guidance via lectures, courses and technical visits to improve crop management and post-harvest quality;
  • Dulcerrado Cafeteria – Relationship and recognition platform for cooperatives;
  • Unimed health plan.